MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association

About Us. MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.
MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association

MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.

About Us. MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.




Now in it's 10th year, Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association (MBSIA) is the regional peak body representing commercial fishers operating in the South East Queensland region of Moreton Bay.

MBSIA is a membership based organisation run by commercial fishers for commercial fishers. The organisation has successfully undertaken numerous research and practice projects to improve the sustainability of the fishery and promote best practice within industry and to the community.



MBSIA Board & Fishery Reps

The MBSIA board is comprised of industry members, representing their fishery.

To get involved with the management of your fishery and activities of the MBSIA, contact your fishery rep directly.


MBSIA Board and Fishery Reps


President - Russell Hughes

0417 784 363 rjh8@bigpond.com


Treasurer - Dave Sterling

0428 331 103 djstgs@bigpond.com


Line Rep - Dave Thomson

0407 170 883 dave@tomcatcharters.com.au


Net Rep - Ron Dickenson

0407 370 943 roncarol1@bigpond.com


Crab Rep - Bill Michel

 0408 879 965 bratbyj@optusnet.com.au


Trawl Rep - Michael Wood

0428 157 953 michaelwood9@bigpond.com


Beam Trawl Rep - Vince Sturdy

0431 807 919


Environment Rep - Greg Savige

0408 060 038 g.j.savige@gmail.com


Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.
MBSIA Awards
Moreton Bay Prawns

MBSIA has received numerous prestigious awards for the Environmental Management System developed by the MBSIA and its members.


2008 - Winner - UN Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards 2008 – Excellence in Marine and Coastal Management


The prestigious United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) World Environment Day Awards acknowledge actions taken at a local level to address global environmental issues. This award specifically recognises businesses and community groups that have demonstrated excellence in marine and coastal management, such as implementing best practices and improving eco-efficiency. All businesses, no matter how small, can play their part in reducing their ‘environmental footprint’. Through actions outlined in the Moreton Bay EMS, several Association projects have been undertaken to achieve this in the local commercial fishing industry.


Runner-up - 2008 EMS Association of Australia Awards - Small Business Category


The Environmental Management Systems Association (EMSA) was established as a support organisation for those businesses and individuals committed to improving environmental outcomes in primary production and natural resource management. The association seeks to foster environmental management system practices through the use of EMS and associated tools, thereby giving the discipline currency and credibility.

This award was received for the development of such a unique EMS and successful implementation across multiple fisheries, businesses and large geographical area. Implementation has been supported by the EMS’ first successful independent audit undertaken by an Honours student from the University of Queensland.


Runner-up - HWW Awards 2008 – Industry Category


The South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership (HWW) is a collaboration between government, industry, researchers and the community that was developed to improve catchment management and water quality.

This was awarded to MBSIA for the implementation of the Moreton Bay EMS during 2007. This year saw MBSIA undertake a number of programs such as: minimisation of trawl gear interaction with the seabed; bycatch reduction; improvement of water quality (urban rubbish and pollution); and development of collaboration between industry, community and government. With continued enthusiasm it is hoped that the relationships forged between industry, community and government continue to grow so that the issues confronting SEQ waterways and catchments are tackled together.


Winner - QLD Primary Industries Sustainable Primary Production Award 2006


Winner - QLD Primary Industries Most Outstanding Contribution to Primary Industries Award 2006


Each year, as part of Primary Industries Week, the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) recognise and reward outstanding Queensland-based achievers in agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.


In 2006, MBSIA took out two of these awards for the development of the EMS for Professional Fishers of Moreton Bay. The award recognises outstanding commitment to minimising the environmental impacts of commercial fishing in the region. In particular, these awards recognise the innovative approach employed by MBSIA to manage a suite of environmental/natural resource issues which will have long term benefits for the commercial fishing industry. The development of such a comprehensive EMS in the seafood industry was an Australian first and potentially a world first.



Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.
Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.


Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.

If you are a commercial fisher operating in Moreton Bay, MBSIA invites you to join your peak regional industry body.


Have a voice on the local and state issues impacting you!

Read more on MBSIA membership...


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Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.
OceanWatch Australia

OceanWatch Australia

For information about Healthy catchments and healthy oceans:





For information about Australia’s sustainable commercial fishing industry: http://www.oceanwatch.org.au/seanet/


QLD Government

QLD Government

For information on Queensland’s commercial fishing regulations:




Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.
Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association.

Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association


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Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association
MBSIA. Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association